Why should I learn colors in French ?(1)

Why should I learn colors in French ?

It is often easier to learn another language if you choose one theme and concentrate on understanding the largest number of words of it. In this article, we will learn colors because it  is an important part of students vocabulary and a fun way to master a lot of words  with another language. In this article,I choose to focus on basic colors and their pronunciation.

Differences in pronunciation!

Remember that in French, hard R's have a "uvular roll," and it is pronounced from the back of the mouth, close to the throat. "A" is a short "O" sound.

      Be very careful not to read French words as they are spelled, there are a lot of mistakes in the reading so just go along with the flow.

Orange = orange [oronzh]
Red = rouge [roozh]
Pink = rose [rosz]
Brown = brun [brune]
Purple = violet [vee-oh-lay]
Blue = bleu [bleuh]         
      Green = vert [vair]
White = blanc [blahnk]
Black = noir [nwoir]

You can now practice saying the colors you will see in the video. You can also do this exercise when you are travelling in your car or having a shower. Enjoy It!