4 Good Reasons to Learn the French Language

Why learn French ?Knowing the French language has a lot of advantages and here are 4 reasons why you should learn the language of Romance

Number of French speakers in the world
 There are  200 million French speakers all over the planet and it is the official language of 32 countries spread over all 5 continents and is also spoken as a second language in many more places. 
More job opportunities
What about  a job as a translator or an interpreter ? With those 200 million French speakers and many more, there are many more job opportunities that are open to people who can speak it. Knowing this language means you can be a French teacher, get
Official language of international organizations
French is used as official language of the United Nations, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the European Community, to name just a few.
Social  and cultural advantages
 When people know you can speak French, they are more inclined to think of you as an intelligent person.French is also the language of romance.
Lovers of literature  should be able to read the works of their favourite French authors in their original versions. Likewise for classic movies and songs.

A bientôt :)