Learn basic French : How to say the days of the week

It may not necessary for you to learn all the words in the French vocabulary list, but the days of the week would be most interesting and useful to you. They allow you to build your basic French vocabulary.We will try also to incorporate them into sentences in order to include them into conversations
It should be noted that some of  the days of the week in French are named after planets and gods? For example, Monday is named after the moon in English, and in French - lundi (la lune is 'the moon'). Mardi (Tuesday) is named after Mars (Mars).

The names of the days of the week in French are as follows:

Dimanche - Sunday
Lundi - Monday
Mardi - Tuesday
Mercredi - Wednesday
Jeudi - Thursday
Vendredi - Friday
Samedi - Saturday

We will try to incorporate the new French words that we have learned to sentences in order to form some useful French sentences that are widely used in French.

Useful French Phrases

Aujourd'hui nous sommes lundi.
Today we are Monday.
Demain nous serons mardi.
Tomorrow we will be Tuesday.
Hier nous étions dimanche.
Yesterday we were Sunday.
Il y a sept jours dans la semaine
There are seven days in the week

In the following phrases, lundi can be replaced by any of the other days:

ce lundi
this Monday
je ferai ça lundi
I'll do it on Monday
lundi dernier
last Monday
lundi prochain
next Monday
le lundi
on Mondays
le lundi 20 février
Monday the 20th of February
lundi 20
(on) Monday the 20th
tous les lundis
every Monday

  •   Notice how the French days do not begin with a capital letter.
  •    The French week starts on Monday, rather than Sunday.
  •   The English word "fortnight" does not exist in French, however there is an expression "quinzaine", "en quinze jours", which refers to a 15 day period

The simplest method for learning to speak the days of the week is by heart. Read the words out aloud and listen to the pronunciation in the video a few times and you'll quickly learn them by heart.
Good luck!