How to Learn French Fast

Learn french online free fast
Learn French Online Free

How to learn French Fast

If you are preparing for a last-minute trip to France or somewhere else where French is the primary language, you will need to learn French fast.

Instructions to learn French Fast

    • Take the placement test if you have some French experience. You may be able to bypass some of the beginner's lessons. Taking the placement test can tell you if you will benefit from skipping some lessons.
    • Start with beginner's lessons if you are new to learning French or did not score well on the placement test. Use the audio glossary and speech recognition to learn the words and pronunciations as you progress through the lessons and exercises.
    • Check your progress with the quizzes to see when you are ready to move on to the advanced lessons. Repeat any of the beginner's lessons that gave you problems before moving on. Pay special attention to the grammar explanations to make sure you understand proper sentence structure. Continue working on your pronunciations with the speech recognition part of the program.
    • Retake all quizzes once you complete the lessons to see if you have retained the knowledge. Repeat lessons you did not retain.

      Here is two programs that can help you :
      The first is Audible FRENCH, it's an easy-to-follow method anyone can learn to speak modern day conversational French quickly and easily.
      The second is Rocket French, will help you to Speak and Understand French Like a Native, While Cutting Your Learning Time In HALF!

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      How to Learn French Fast