How To Speak With A French Accent

Do you want to know how to speak like a Parisian? If yes, follow these tips because you are going to discover the exact same method that allowed me to learn English in a record time.
Follow these easy steps and you will be able to speak with a French accent in a record time. Try to imagine how your friends will feel when they see that your speak French fluently.

  • Learn the rules of French pronunciation and intonation

Learn how to pronounce every single sound and how to correctly stress words. Learning these rules is crucial if you want to speak with the correct accent.

The video below show you how to say some basic words, try to repeat after the singer.
An interesting tip about pronunciation in French:

Roll your RRRRRRs. The first step of learning a French accent is to learn how to pronounce the R-sound. When you say the R, imagine you have a hair stuck in the back of your throat and you're trying to get it out. How would you sound? Hrrr, hrrr, hrrr. 

  • Get a free e-book and lessons on learning French

There is a lot of e-book that can help you to learn French quickly and effectively.

  • Listen to French podcasts

You need to listen to French all day long, so you can try to find a native in your area, you can also look for French podcasts with transcriptions. Listen to it and repeat aloud after the speaker.
I choose for you a song named "Ne me quitte pas" of the great singer Jacques Brel to show you how much this language is interesting.