Rocket French Review : Things you must know before BUYING Rocket French !!

rocket french review
rocket french review.

Rocket French is an online course, readily downloadable and interactive, I’ve had the chance to review their product and here are my observations;

The  course comes from an experienced team of linguists, with many language courses under their belts, I believe that their approach is more compatible with the intricacies involved with learning French.

Here are some of the major pros;

- There is a free, six day course offered. Which you should try by the way, no matter if you buy it or not.

- The main course of Rocket French consists of 31 interactive audio segments, with a convenient length of about 20 minutes each.

- Real French persons are teaching, no accent.

- There are 45 grammar lessons, this is great, for example, you’ll find that for every rule in French, there’s an exception, makes it fun!

- There are games included in The Rocket French course. It doesn’t have to be all work! Mega Audio, Mega Vocab and MegaVerbs

- Although Rocket French starts at the very beginner level, components like MegaVerbs are used for students or more advanced level learners. Can be particularly useful for school, if you’re a parent and you child is struggling in French, look it up.

- Online support is available, if you have questions, they’ll by answered.

- There is a 100%, no question asked, 60 days, for real, money back warranty. That’s hard to beat and should remove any roadblock to you learning French.

rocket french review
rocket french review.
Some cons of Rocket French :

I found their introductory lessons to be at the very, very “beginner level”. While it may be a good recap if you re-learning but you would skip them if you were more advanced.

Also, there is a huge difference in price between the CD version, at $299, plus shipping, and the instant downloadable version which really surprised me at only $99. I don’t know if you have seen the prices of other courses out there, but I was pleased by the quality/price ratio.

All and all, great upside potential for very little risk. There are many levels of benefits that come with learning a new language in terms of personal, career and social development. It’s a skill that’ll always be there; ready to come back, even if not used for a while. It will add to you as a person.

Click here to get your copy NOW !

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